Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I’ve been reading up a storm lately.

In fact, at one point last week, I had 5 books that I was reading at the same time. (Well, not at the EXACT same time, but you know what I mean, concurrently.)

And because I’ve been so engaged, I’ve had a lot on my mind.

To release what’s in my head so it doesn’t explode, I’ve decided that this week (and maybe the next), I’m going to bow out of my regular blog and focus on my book reading blog.

I know. Some of you are crushed. What will you do without all my witty repartee about my daily goings-on? (Cue sarcasm.)

Anyway, if you’re interested in the book thing, go here.

If not, then check back later next week. I’ll probably have something of remote interest to pass along to you by then. (Darn my boring life!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Foreshadowing Fluff

Things to update you on (with a hint of foreshadowing future posts):

1. After a two week break (due to week-long trip and subsequent injury), I’ve finally caught up on reading all your posts. I might not have commented (because I’ve had to stealthily read them due to my new office location/little box that’s slowly killing my soul). But, I’ve read yours (yes, you) and I loved it!

2. Business trip went well, until I was returning home on Friday and hurt my back so badly that by Sunday night I was ready to write a letter to my next of kin distributing my worldly possessions, and then silently smother myself with my jumbo heating pad. But, don’t worry, I’m feeling better, and will soon regale you with stories of my adventure, like the 400 high school football players sharing my dorm, or the middle-aged baseball players who were there for some kind of knock-off fantasy camp, or my experience with the elderly at the planetarium. I know you can hardly wait!

3. I’ve decided to go to grad school. I’m sad about the whole thing, really. Practical Liz is so controlling. “You have to plan for the future! You’re no spring chicken! How are you going to retire without becoming a burden on society? It’s impossible to be independently wealthy without any wealth!” Poor fanciful, dreaming Liz! She didn’t stand a chance!

4. Thanks to those of you who came to my Grey Gardens party. I wouldn’t have been able to survive it without you! Truthfully, until watching it with you all, I had no idea it could be funny. I only thought it was horrifyingly tragic and hopeless. But, way to liven it up! Yay for funny friends! (Oh, and for those of you who couldn’t make it, don’t worry, I’m going to have another randomly themed party in the next few months. I’ll keep you posted. )

Well, that’s all folks!

Friday, June 6, 2008

And, Now, the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For (Drum roll please…)

It’s the end of spring!

And I thought we should celebrate with a garden party!

A “Grey Gardens” party…

Yes, we’re going to watch a movie that has “garden” in the title, but has nothing to do with springtime or happiness!!

Come sit* with me as I attempt (for the 3rd time) to watch the most disturbing documentary I’ve ever partially seen.

Is there nudity? No.

Is there violence? No.

Is there a reclusive old lady, and her middle-aged daughter living in a crumbly mansion talking about the good ole days while wearing strange outfits and dancing around? You bet!

When: June, Friday the 13th (eek!)@ 7pm

Where: Liz’s Apt. #131

What to bring: Yourself (If I know you, you’re invited!)

What to wear: Clothing that fits the theme. (So, something gray, garden-ish, or decrepit. It’s up to you!)

I hope to see you there!

*Warning: If tons of people show up (i.e. more than 5) you’ll probably have to sit on the floor…

(RSVP in the comments because I’m serious about the chair shortage.)

(P.S. Because of my "fantastic" business trip, I'll probably be MIA all next week. But don't worry, the party will still happen!)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pre-Reveal Announcement

So, it’s occurred to me that I might be the only one who will find my surprise party worth the surprise factor. (I mean even my sisters, who have been roped in to helping, were a little nonplussed.)

It’s quirky. I'll admit that. Definitely not your typical party-type event.

And some of you, once you hear what it is, might change your mind on attending.

Oh well, what can I do now? Cancel?

No, I’m too excited! (Even if no one else will be.)

So, I guess I should warn you that it’s a weird idea*. And that I won’t be offended if you decide not to come…

With that, I thought I’d help you put the two previous hints together to see if you can figure it out.

The first hint was a dried-up flower. Now, where would you expect to find a dried up flower? Maybe in someone’s uncared for yard?

The second hint was a head scarf from the 70’s. Now, who might be from the 70’s who wears a head scarf and has the problem from hint #1?


Oh, the intrigue!

You only have two more days before all will be revealed!!!

(*But, really, what did you expect from me?)