Friday, June 6, 2008

And, Now, the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For (Drum roll please…)

It’s the end of spring!

And I thought we should celebrate with a garden party!

A “Grey Gardens” party…

Yes, we’re going to watch a movie that has “garden” in the title, but has nothing to do with springtime or happiness!!

Come sit* with me as I attempt (for the 3rd time) to watch the most disturbing documentary I’ve ever partially seen.

Is there nudity? No.

Is there violence? No.

Is there a reclusive old lady, and her middle-aged daughter living in a crumbly mansion talking about the good ole days while wearing strange outfits and dancing around? You bet!

When: June, Friday the 13th (eek!)@ 7pm

Where: Liz’s Apt. #131

What to bring: Yourself (If I know you, you’re invited!)

What to wear: Clothing that fits the theme. (So, something gray, garden-ish, or decrepit. It’s up to you!)

I hope to see you there!

*Warning: If tons of people show up (i.e. more than 5) you’ll probably have to sit on the floor…

(RSVP in the comments because I’m serious about the chair shortage.)

(P.S. Because of my "fantastic" business trip, I'll probably be MIA all next week. But don't worry, the party will still happen!)


Liz W. said...

I bet you're all a little like "What? That's what you're so excited about? Count me out!"

I told you it was odd, didn't I?

But, I still hope you come. I need all the hand holding I can get!

Seriously, the documentary creeps me out...So, spend your Friday the 13th getting the heebs with me!

Tammy said...

I was able to watch the you tube link but I could not hear it on my cruddy yucky dell pc computer at work... i just want to know if the movie is scarry or has any disturbing ideas, i am pretty much a wimp when it comes to movie content.. if not you can count me in !!!

Liz W. said...

Well, Tammy, it's a real documentary from the 70's.

So it's not scary, per se.

It's just disturbing to see two people who have almost completely removed themselves from society, and live in their past glory days.

It's like they're almost crazy, but not.

It's also sad to see what happened to them. Poor Big and Little Edie...

If you think it might creep you out, don't come. I won't be offended. ;-)

Andrea said...

Count me in! Can I bring anything?

Liz W. said...

No need to bring anything but yourself, Andrea! Yay!!

Ms. Liz said...

I'm totally there. And I love odd documentaries.

Heather said...

I'll come! ...but someone really might have to hold my hand--Just a warning.
What can I do to help? I dont mind sitting on the floor, (easier to curl up and cover my face) but I can bring some folding chairs if you need.

Rachel said...

This is even better than I anticipated. I've always wanted to watch that doc. They're incredibly strange and wonderful people. Now I really need to work up a great costume.

Anonymous said...

Didn't that basic plot get turned into a really successful Broadway musical in the last few years? Or am I Samsonite?

Mr. Hall said...

A room full of women who need someone to hold their hands. . . count me in! :)

themayerfamily said...

I'm hoping to come. It is finals week and I'll need to leave kinda early(maybe). I really am looking forward to the head pieces that find there way to the party.

Amanda said...

I must have pictures of the headwear!!