Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Your Average Birthday Gang…

So, last Saturday my super terrific friends threw me a birthday party--The Liz Jubilee! (Thanks Rachel and Katie!!)

And it was not your run-of-the-mill party with balloons and cake.

Nope! It was a Beatnik Poetry Slam party!!

That’s right. All the attendees had to present an original poem, read in front of the whole group with a spotlight in their face and bongos punctuating their words. (And in my case, beret on my head.)

Needless to say, it was awesome!!!! (I’d post some pictures, but I, of course, didn’t have my camera. (So, Rachel and Laura, when you get a chance, could you send me some?))

I laughed. I cried. I felt loved and appreciated—exactly what you want on your birthday, right?

And to join in the fun, I wrote a poem to share with the group. The subject of my poem was all the fantastic tidbits of knowledge I’ve collected over these years. You know, the stuff that’s made me really, really smart, and all.

I was asked to post it, so here it is: (Oh, and all the bolded words were sung. Yes, sung. So, sing along—I know you know the tune…)

The Brainless Barrage*
By Liz Wolfe, 2009

I need
some punky power
this hour.
This 3 hour tour with my skipper
and Flipper has morphed
into a
Schlemiel, Schlimazel and
How many Happy Days, ayyyyyy
have slipped away
as I have filled my mind
with what, what I
could find?
So, let me
rewind, Rerun,
And say, Here’s the story of
a lovely lady
sailing on the Love Boat
waiting for the Mork
to her Mindy.
Let me just wiggle my nose
and magically expose
my own A-team
for hire, and it’s dire.
Cause I care about
who Joanie loves,
And those on 21 Jump Street.
So, gimme a break,
I’ve learned if you take the good
and take the bad,
what you have
is a mixed bag
where everybody knows your
and so
I ask where’s my invisible
And are you sure a paper
clip, rubber band, and a match
can get us out of here?
Here where eight is enough
and de plane, de plane
can take us out of the land
of the lost,
where we’re
saved by the bell, but
You say
“Bad news, bears!
It’s a small wonder
you’ve got anything else in
that head of yours.”
And I say what chu talkin’
about, Willis?
Who’s the Boss?
Let me have my
wonder years,
and dance of joy,
joy that helped me
through my
growing pains of
a full house.
Believe it or not,
I’m walkin’ on air
was not
my theme song
of youth.
More like
I prayed for my
highway to heaven
and took it one day
at a time.
So I don’t need
you to worry for
me cause I’m all right.
And like Charles, I’m
in charge, and
in a half hour, all wrongs
will be righted.
You say, “Pleeease,
turn off the TV, and be.”
To that,
I say
kiss my grits!
It’s too late…

*I referenced 36 different TV shows in my poem. Can you find them all?


Rachel said...

This may have been the best themed party we've thrown. It was so much fun! Thanks for having a birthday and inspiring it such a great night.

Amanda said...

I have to say that I am both really sad and greatly relieved that I wasn't at your party. Sad because I would have love, love, loved to hear you read/sing your poem. Glad because I did not have to read a poem out loud to anyone. Do you know my poetry fear? It's horrible. The thought of it could literally bring me to tears. It took me years before I could admit to ever having written a poem, let alone ever reading it to someone or letting them read it. YIKES!! Seriously, one of my biggest fears. Top 5 for sure.
I'm glad it was a perfect party for you! Sorry I missed celebrating with you and sorry I didn't get it together to remember and send you a happy birthday present or at the least a card. Yours is one of the probably 5 non-family birthdays I actually know without bringing out the calender. Now that this comment is too long, I love you!

Wendy said...

Love your poem. Seriously, love it. Genius! Is that enough positive feedback to sound sincere, or too much? Because I mean it...

Gina said...

I'm with sad that I couldn't be there. Paloozas with the girls is one of the things I miss most about Las Brisas.

Love you Liz!

Andrea said...

Oh Liz I love you! That poem rocks! I am so sad I wasn't at your party. I can only imagine of what good times were had!

Tammy said...

Your party was super fun. Sorry I didn't read a poem, i too like Amanda have a major fear of reading something personal for an audience. I did regret it after because it was so fun.... maybe next time :)

Liz W. said...

Amanda, one of these days, I'm going to read a poem of yours... And I think you would have been okay at the party. The poems were hilarious! With limericks and everything!!

And Tammy, I put you down for next time!

Amanda said...

Liz, I'm sure I would have enjoyed the party and that no one would have told me that I stink, if only I hadn't died of a poem induced stroke from the stress of it all.

Sheba's Mommy said...

That was a way fun poem Liz, and I did sing along with it! :) Boy, your birthday bash sounds very cool, a long way from your 16th birthday surprise party I threw for you all those years ago! LOL! times! I sure miss you my friend!!