Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Fluff

Well, I’ve been meaning to post all week. You know how it is…

I’ve even started a number of posts about*:

1. The rest of Sister Beck’s speech and the dumb questions that followed
2. Witnessing the spirit work in my young women
3. Mitt Romney and how he’s affected my office life
4. My decision on Grad. School
5. Why I hate bean sprouts

But, by the time I sit down to type, I get about three sentences in and say, “Ah, who cares.” And I end up staring out my window in a stupor.

So, with that, here's something that caught my attention.

Don’t you wish things were this simple? You need God (or gods, as the case may be) to give you some advice or witness testimony on your life, so you just summons him/them!

Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I’m participating in a “write a poem a day” thing during the month of December. Each day you're given a specific prompt. I’d link to it, but, I’ve posted some REALLY crappy poems over there, and I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of my nearest and dearest. (I know, like I already haven't. But still, these are really bad.)

Anyway, one of the prompts was one of my favorite Billy Collin’s poems. So, I’d thought I’d post the link to it here. This perfectly captures a big problem for me and my mind.

Until next time…

*I’m still working on these, (well, not the bean sprouts one) so stay tuned. Eventually I’ll get around to posting them.


Rachel said...

Three things:
1.) So we talked for like 18 hours on Tuesday and I didn't ask once about how the Great Grad School Thing is going. I'm a bad friend.
2.) What address did they use to summon the gods? I really liked that it was returned for insufficient information.
3.) I love that Billy Collins poem. Mostly because the process of forgetting takes about 2 days for me.

Laura said...

I'm definitely on pins and needles about the grad school thing. Where does that come from anyway, "pins and needles". If anyone would know, it would probably be you or Rachel. I would also love to hear your thoughts on bean sprouts, and it's actually prompted the next thing I'm about to post.

Amanda said...

I'm really hoping the answer to Grad School is 'not so much I am moving to Scotland to buy land and sheep and live as a writer in my picturesque house by the sea with my lover (husband) Gerard Butler.'
I would come visit you and help you move in!