Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Fluff

First, a little digression…

Today in my office, we are having a Christmas potluck, and it makes me bitter.

Why? Because we voted on whether or not we wanted a potluck for our Christmas party (a different event held last week) and we all decided against it because work potlucks are always a sucky hassle.

Nothing ever matches (you have green bean casserole and tamales), nothing’s at the right temperature (fruit salad is hot and little hot dogs are cold), and then no one ever cleans up after themselves so there’s drops of crap everywhere.


Hence (I don't think we use 'hence' enough), I was thrilled that we opted to go to a pizza place for our Christmas party instead. And then this week came, and people started saying “We should do something for Friday!” And soon, it spiraled out of control and we have ourselves a potluck. Ugh.

So, needless to say, I was bugged this morning that I had to get up at the crack of dawn to prepare meatballs (a special request from my boss, so what could I do).

And also, needless to say, I drove to work today irritated at everyone around me and bugged that I had to drive carefully so I didn’t have a meatball crock-pot incident.

So, you can imagine my anger when someone cut me off, making me slam on my brakes and causing a “swoosh” of sauce spillage.

The driver wasn’t even paying attention! He was leaning over into the passenger seat fiddling with something I couldn’t see. As I was getting ready to honk, and give him the evil eye, a little head pops up in the passenger seat: a little head wearing reindeer antlers clearly hand crafted for a school production!

And with that, my anger melted, a smile crept onto my face, and I felt like Ms. Scrooge McGrinch for ever having mean thoughts about anyone—even my co-workers who thought it would be fun to have a crappy potluck.

Okay, now on to some fluff!

Really, today should be called “In the News” because that’s what I’ve got.

First, did you hear about this? How does this even work? Is it just in name, only? Or are we going to have to get our passport stamped when we go to Nebraska? (wink, wink Knecht’s)

Second, I thought all of these were true! Didn’t you? And I don’t have to drink water! What? How is that possible?

Third, if only he had lived. Who knows what would have happened! Could you imagine going to the temple and seeing Elvis! “Sweet Land of Liberty” that would have been fantastic!!! And if you think it’s really all bunk, check this out. You can’t get more truth then from one of the Osmond’s, can you?

Well, there you go.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas filled with people you love, and the Spirit of the season, namely, the Savior of us all!

Merry Christmas!


Laura said...

Where do you even find some of this stuff? The Elvis/Book of Mormon link is a little odd, but who knows!

Oh...and your sauce spillage/reindeer antler story is cute. It's just like when I have major road rage, and then I see a car with a lab or a golden retriever sticking its head out the window having a grand ole time. It makes me smile!

Ms. Liz said...

I think its distinctly possible for Elivs to have had a Book of Mormon. There was this family in the ward I grew up in in Pasadena named the Parkers. Ed Parker was this huge Hawaiian and a martial artist that invented some discipline called Ken Po or something like that, well - he did a lot of Hollywood stunt training and was Elvis' body guard for a long time and they were good friends(he had gifted them a bunch of stuff and it was all over their house - bedazzled eagle capes etc), and he was powerful and faithful member of The Church. He talked to Elvis about it all the time. Ed was a big part of his first sobering up when he decided to marry Pricilla etc. Sister Parker was my Laurel advisor and her daughter was my Beehive advisor. They had stories and stories. His funeral (Ed Parker's) was something else. Chuck Norris was there and a bunch of other people - I was too young to realize the gravity of it all but yeah - Long winded thumbs up to Elvis' Book of Mormon and testimony. He had one. Anyone that was around Ed Parker did. He was Celestial like that. I loved him. And Elvis too.