Thursday, August 14, 2008

It Says What? (Beehives Learn a Life Lesson)

Last night I had an activity for my Beehives. (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, “Beehives” are 12 to 13 year old girls in our church youth group.)

My activity was as planned:

1) Teach the girls interview skills by having them interview another girl and then be interviewed themselves, and

2) Teach the girls public speaking skills by having them inform everyone on the girl they interviewed.

To make this a little more fun, in between 1 and 2, I gave each girl a dollar and took them to the dollar store to buy something for their interviewee that represented something from her answers.

So, flash forward to the end of the night. The girls LOVED buying something for each other! And now it was time for presentations.

I’ll tell the rest of the story in a One Act, One Scene play:


Cast of Characters:

- Four, really cute, excited, and loud 12 to 13 year old girls. (Well, really only three are loud. One is more quite than a silent movie.)

- A really tired leader who wanted to go to sleep at 5:30pm, but finds herself with four really cute and excited Beehives at 8:00pm. She’s having a fun time, but she’s exhausted, so her judgment is slightly impaired.

ME: Okay, [GIRL A], you go next.

GIRL A: I had [GIRL B].

(GIRL A then tells us about GIRL B*.)

GIRL A: (continuing...) And [B] said that in 10 years one of the things she wants to do is get married. So, I bought her a wedding card that she can keep as a reminder of her goal.

ME: What does the card say?

GIRL A: On the front it says “Marriage is nice.” (While showing us all a lovely embossed white card with pink flowers.)

(She opens the card.)


ME: [A], what does the card say?


GIRL A: I didn’t read the inside of the card when I bought it.

ME: What? (said with concern)**

GIRL A: I should have read the inside of the card before I bought it. It says “It makes all that stuff you want to do decent and legal. Congratulations!”

ME: (Hysterical laughter!) (I mean, HYSTERICAL!!) (I was really tired, and that always makes me laugh like a loon being taken to a loony bin.)***

(All the other girls start laughing.)

GIRL B: (said while laughing) Well, just seal it and I won't open it until my wedding day.


LESSON LEARNED: Always read the entire card before buying it!

Ah, the priceless moments of working with the youth!!

*This was GIRL B's first activity. She just turned 12. Oy vey!

**I know I should have pulled [GIRL A] aside when she seemed hesitant, but I wasn’t thinking straight.

***Seriously, it was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.


Taryn said...

That is really funny Liz. I would have loved to witness it:)

Andrea said...


Heather said...

hahaha--that's awesome!

thefoxkids said...

AWESOME! i love it.. they are lucky to have you!!

Rachel said...

I love this story so much. I started laughing hysterically just picturing it.

And I agree with "more quiet than a silent movie." I think she's practicing to be a mime.

Anonymous said...

LOL! LOLOL!! Poor young minds being warped by the truth. LOLOL. Bless you my lovely sister.

Laura said...

Ditto to everyone else's comments! Who doesn't read the inside of a card? I know she's a kid - but seriously!!!

Gina said...

First, where can you find cards for $1? Second, is the silent girl's initials R.C.? Just curious. I love those girls. :)

thanks for making me laugh...again.

Liz W. said...

Gina, to answer the first question: the dollar store, the best store in the world!

And to answer the second: her initials are A.B.