Thursday, March 5, 2009

They don’t want trash, people!

What I saw in the DI bin when I went to drop off my donation*:

1. Old magazines. And I’m not talking about old Ensigns, but magazines like Better Homes and Gardens from 1994.

2. An old, stained (and I mean STAINED) blanket that looked disgusting. (I wouldn’t even bury my turtle in it.)

3. Old sneakers with a hole on one heel. (Do cobblers work at Deseret Industries?)

4. An obviously used pillow. Eww!

5. A lampshade. (If you could call a frame with threads of fabric on it a lampshade.)

6. Floppy disks. (Really.)

7. A stuffed animal with what looks like puke on it.

Boy, do I feel sorry for the folks who have to go through all this junk. (I wouldn’t touch it without gloves and a mask.)

I left wondering what in the world people were thinking when they piled this crap in the car and hauled it over to the bin. It all belonged in a dumpster, if you ask me.

*If you’re wondering what I donated, (you probably don’t care), it was a dinnerware set (for 8) that was in excellent condition. No chips, no cracks, no scratches. Perfectly re-giftable!


Taryn said...

I too am amazed at the crap people bring to the DI Bin! The last time I dropped off stuff we found a USED and I mean very noticeably used adult potty. I almost threw-up. Couldn't they have cleaned it before they dropped it off? Come-on now people.

Amanda said...

My favorite is when you see lingerie at the thrift store. Really? Bras and underwear should be the worst of it, but when they drop off the sexy stuff, that it way too much for me. What are people thinking?

Rachel said...

If that is just what you found in one DI bin, what must the people who have to go through it see every day. I'm pretty sure Taryn tops the list of "most disgusting things found in a DI bin". Gross.

And did your turtle die? Or "die" while Cash and Becca are away?

Liz W. said...

Taryn, Ew! I can't believe someone would donate that without cleaning it!

Amanda, lingerie in a D.I. bin just seems wrong--funny, but wrong.

Rachel, the turtle isn't dead. It's just wishful thinking...