Monday, March 9, 2009

What I learned from my first Sunday in the nursery…

1. Operation “Sunday Uniform” is now in effect. I spent most of the time trying not to flash the kids, avoid having them touch my shirt with their cracker slobber, and wishing I had worn sensible shoes.

2. Whereas before I would sometimes be exhausted from church out of boredom, I now am going to be exhausted by playing “Try to dodge a ball thrown by a 2 year old who has no sense of distance, speed, or momentum, but somehow has excellent aim for the face.”

3. I think I’m going to feel better about the fact that I don’t have children of my own. I’ll get to hug kids, help kids, and get their parents when they need a diaper change. And, I’ll also feel relieved knowing that I can go home and just sit in silence.

4. You can tell a lot about a child by the time they’re in nursery. It was like being in a mini version of “The Breakfast Club.” And I had fun speculating on their futures (while hoping that none of them actually will have to spend time at Saturday detentions when they are in high school).

5. Sometimes a cracker makes things seem not so bad.


Jennefer said... are in the nursery! That is the BEST calling! I wish you were in our ward so you could be Aaron's nursery leader. You are totally right about the "uniform". I'll look forward to hearing your many experiences! Miss you!

Rachel said...

I've been saying that about crackers for years. Specifically Saltines.

And I missed you in RS. Your one brief visit last week made me see what I've been missing.

Promise to invite me over to your enormous mansion in heaven.

Tammy said...

i was the nursery leader in my home ward for a couple of years before they kicked me out the singles branch , and i have missed it ever since. i love this calling. it took me a while to buy shoes with a heel because i was used to wearing comfortable shoes for that calling. i loved having a handful of gold fish crackers when ever i needed them. if you need any resources i kept everything from my nursery days.