Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things I learned Conference weekend that have nothing to do with Conference, but everything to do with nephew love…

1. There is no successful way to explain to a two-year old why his one-year old cousin gets birthday presents, and he does not. No matter what you say, (even reminding him about the Easter bunny), expect furrowed brows and his reply of “I tell mom!”

2. There is no polite way to refuse an EXTREMELY manhandled M&M when offered to you by a smiling 5 year old boy who says “Here Auntie Yiz, it’s your favorite ca-yor!” You just have to let him plop it in your mouth, and hope your antibodies are paying attention.

3. If a 7 year old has a choice between Conference, and anything else, the “anything else” will win. Every time. So, don’t give him any options.

4. Also, do not put a 7 year old boy in charge of a one-year old boy, if suckers are involved.

5. Conference is way fun-er when holding a 2 month old as long as he’s sleeping or eating. If he’s crying or pooping, not so fun.


Jennefer said...

I CAN TOTALLY RELATE! Sounds like your conference experience was just as fun as ours! You are a great Auntie....can we adopt you???

Rachel said...

Weep...weep...sob...sob...I miss my nephews.