Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Mini Milestone

I’m a copier, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I copy great ideas!

So, when Rachel posted this, I knew that when I reached my 100th post, I was going to do the same thing.

Of course, then I thought that it might not be such a good idea because people could compare my list with Rachel’s and realize that she is by far the more interesting of the two.

But, since Rachel called it “100 mostly uninteresting things,” I decided to take a stab at it.

So, with that, here’s the list of 100 mostly uninteresting things about me:

1. I love bananas,
2. unless they’re cooked.
3. Then I’d rather eat lint.
4. I have a pair of pompoms in the back seat of my car
5. just in case I need them.
6. I’ve always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons (with costumes and everything)
7. but don’t know anyone who plays it.
8. I wear headphones at work
9. even though I’m not listening to anything
10. to avoid talking to my office mate.
11. I write notes on the back of my hand
12. even if there is paper around.
13. I love reading about politics
14. but I hate discussing them.
15. I hate contention.
16. I also hate competition.
17. I think Satan came up with both of them.
18. And, I hate Florida too,
19. but have never been there (Sorry, Floridians!).
20. When driving, and a great song comes on, I do a funky hand dance.
21. I’m embarrassed about it.
22. So, no one has ever seen it in its full glory. (And no one ever will.)
23. I was in an Independent Film in High School.
24. I played “White Girl 1” and had 2 lines.
25. Then “White Girl 2” backed out, so my lines doubled and
26. included the last line of the movie.
27. which was “You know what you get when you mix black and white together? Gray.”
28. I was also on the news when I was in High School.
29. It happened outside the Arsenio Hall show (Do you remember that one? Were you in the Dog Pound?)
30. I was there with my super best friend Chelsea (Who was also on the news with me.)
31. We were there to see New Kids On The Block.
32. And we were asked by a news crew to talk about what we would do if we met them.
33. I said “I would thank them for helping get through my teenage years.”
34. Chelsea said “I would probably die.”
35. One of my favorite words is “vestibule.”
36. I rarely have an opportunity to use it.
37. I also like “jejune”.
38. I don’t use that one, either, because I don’t like being pretentious.
39. My favorite poet is Gerard Manley Hopkins.
40. Not many people have heard of him.
41. But everyone should read his work, OUTLOUD, to hear the beautiful alliteration.
42. I love alliteration,
43. (almost above all else).
44. I can only remember 3 teachers from Elementary School.
45. One from Junior High,
46. And 2 from High School.
47. I have a terrible memory.
48. Even about other things, like family stuff, and childhood friends. (Did I have any?)
49. But, I never forget a face.
50. Ever. It kind of creeps me out because I can’t place the face, I just know I’ve seen it before.
51. I like strawberry shakes,
52. But not strawberry ice cream.
53. I don’t like cucumbers.
54. Even the smell of them makes me sick.
55. So, I have to be careful what kind of beauty products I buy because cucumber scent is a very popular ingredient.
56. I rarely watch a movie more than once.
57. Unless I think it has multiple layers that need to be plumbed.
58. Most movies today don’t qualify.
59. Most of the movies I own are black and white.
60. I like “Xena, Warrior Princess.”
61. Yes, I do. Think what you will.
62. And no, I don’t think there are depths to be plumbed in Xena.
63. I just love women kicking butt.
64. I hate movies where the woman waits to be rescued.
65. I also love war movies.
66. But, I have a hard time getting through them.
67. Not because of the blood (that doesn’t bother me)
68. But because I think of all their families who never saw them again.
69. I’m the oldest of 50 grand children.
70. I’m glad the number turned out even.
71. If it had been odd, that would have bothered me.
72. I love being part of a big family.
73. But, I want to live alone.
74. At least for a little while.
75. My two favorite cereals have only one word as their name:
76. Kix and Pops.
77. But, I don’t ever eat them
78. Because they have no nutritional value.
79. I eat Cream of Wheat
80. for the iron.
81. It makes me feel like an old lady to eat something for iron.
82. My favorite non-chocolate candy is Hot Tamales.
83. They have no nutritional value either.
84. I don’t have a favorite chocolate candy.
85. But when I’m in Cost Plus World Market, I buy chocolate from different countries.
86. It makes me feel all fancy
87. And a “woman of the world”.
88. I’d like to write one masterpiece that changes the world,
89. And all kids would have to read it in High School,
90. And then I would never write again.
91. And become a recluse.
92. The creepiest show I’ve ever attempted to watch was “Grey Gardens.”
93. I’ve never gotten through the whole thing. (Anyone want to watch it with me?)
94. I think because I’m afraid that could be my future, minus the wealth and family connections.
95. I leave dorky, rambling phone messages when I call my friends.
96. I’m somehow compelled to tell the person my entire daily schedule, including my 5 year plan, even when the only thing I need to ask is what time the movie starts.
97. This is why I avoid calling people. I fear they won’t answer, and I’ll sound like an idiot.
98. I’ve always wanted to accomplish something incredible.
99. I figure I have about 30 more years to do it.
100. I’m just not sure what it is yet.


Andrea said...

Congratulations on #100! I loved the list. Oh and I love your phone messages. You can call and leave one for me anytime you want. Miss ya tons Liz!

Heather said...

Thanks for being a copy cat--I loved this! And I'd totally try to watch Grey Gardens with you.

Heather said...
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Mr. Hall said...

I have a new goal in life. . . to make you use your pompoms! Thanks for giving my life meaning Liz! :) Seriously, a great list--I enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm pretty sure things escaped my nostrils reading this. 95 and 96 made me sound donkeyish. I hate to burst your bubble but none of those are uninteresting.

Amanda said...

I just loved that Brett's goal is to get Liz to use her pom poms. As I read it, it came out very 'dirty old man.' I'm sure you are glad to hear that.
Great list! How do you know when it is your 100th? Do they announce it when you go to post, or do you just get determined and count them all? I wanna make a list. I love lists.
I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Rachel said...

The list was fantastic! I'm glad you did one. I would love for everyone to do one. It's so much fun. I love Gerard Manley Hopkins too. And the word jejune. Happy 100th!

Laura said...

Now I'm just dying to post on my blog about 24 more times so I can do a list too!

And thank you for the comments about cucumbers! I feel so judged when I tell people I think they're gross! It's good to know there's another level-headed cucumber hater out there!

Liz W. said...

Andrea: I need to call you. If only to make you grateful for that fact that I rarely do, and therefore, you don’t have to hear me expound for 3 minutes on how I think I’m going to the dollar store to buy decorations, but I might go to Big Lots instead, or perhaps the Party store…

Heather: Yay! A “Grey Gardens” watcher! Seriously, the show gives me the heebs.

Brett: You come up with something to cheer and I’ll be right over with pompoms waving!

Emily: Thanks for saying I’m not a complete bore. I appreciate that.

Amanda: You can see how many posts you’ve done if you go to the dashboard. You really need to up your posts! I’d love to read your list.

Rachel: I’m glad you love Hopkins. That makes me like you even more (if that’s at all possible).

Laura: Rachel doesn’t like cucumbers either. We should form some kind of club.

Katie said...

Could I be a bigger fan, Liz? I'm amazed by you. I like to call this list "100 reasons why I want to be more like Liz." Seriously. Thanks for being so great.

Mom said...

Liz, reading your list and Rachel's list has been the high point of my day. It's fun to see what you're thinking and then what all your friends say. Hi to all of you--most of you I know. And Grey Gardens??? I never remember you telling me about it--give me more details on Sunday. Love, Mom

Ms. Liz said...

I can see your stream of consciousness and it's SOO funny! I just - love you! Thanks for being awesome.