Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Promotion... sort of

Tomorrow (Monday) I begin training my work replacement*.

And I’m dreading it.

Not because I don’t like the woman we selected for the job, because I do (although, my fingers are crossed that she likes it enough to stay). And not because it’s a pain in the butt to have to train someone in the minutia of your world (although, it is).

But, because I have to leave my current office and move into a cubical. Yes, I received a promotion and it’s located in a cubical.

Now, I don’t have anything against cubicles, per se. I’m sure they do a fine job dividing a large area into small pretend-ly separate areas. But, my problem is that when you receive a promotion, you assume it also means a promotion of location.

In my case, it’s the opposite. I have to leave my office with a big window, and plenty of space (you know, in case I actually want to turn around in my chair), and go to a little box devoid of life and creativity.


To give you a feeling of what I’m talking about, I’m going to show you a few pictures.

Here’s where I was. Notice the large window. From it you see a parking lot, trees, and a dorm. I’ve been able to watch the goings on of college kids for the last couple of years (which can be quite entertaining, as you can imagine).

Here’s another angle. See how bright and cheery it is. Notice my postcard wall that documents all my many travels (well, a third of them are mine, the others are from my co-workers). Look at my nice faux cherry wood desk with plenty of leg room. How luxurious!

And now, here’s where I’m moving. Sigh of despair....

As you can see, this picture encompasses the whole area. No need for another angle. (In fact, it would be impossible to take a picture from another angle.) I barely have room to back up in order to get out. You’ll also notice I have a sliver of a window (which is lucky, I know, most people in cubicles don’t get that). The window over looks the rooftop with a lovely variety of air conditioning vents. No foliage whatsoever.

You’ll also notice the difference in lighting. That’s because the two ladies I share the office with don’t like a lot of light. So, we sit in the dark. Oh, and because one of them has arthritis, the temp is about 80 degrees.

Yippy! A dark, stuffy tomb of depression!!

Aren’t I a lucky gal?

*So, because I’m going to be busy training and feeling dejected in my gray box of average, it’s very likely that I won’t be posting on my blog this week, and maybe the next. (Not that I only post while I’m at work, but,…well, actually I do normally post at work [during a break, of course] {wink, wink}).


Amanda said...

I'm so sorry!
Just to survive, I suggest you find one of those adorable little Tiffany lamps for your desk. Put it on all the time.
Also, get a mini-fan. And also bring in some slippers for cubicle wear.
I think that might be the only way to manage the transition.
Oh, yeah, and a drawer full of chocolate.
Please find a moment or two to blog because two weeks without you is more than I can handle.
Oh, wait. In two weeks I will be in CA!! Wahoo!

Laura said...

I second the drawer full of chocolate idea!!

I know, cubicles can be depressing. I could make you jealous by talking about the lovely view of the ocean that I have from my office window, but I won't!! Just kidding...some day, I have a fear of being sent back to cubicleville, and I will be sad!

Heather said...

The chocolate drawer is a wonderful idea.
And my cousin is pretty good at climbing up walls--I'm sure we can convince him to take some plants up there for you to look out on. He'd probably love to have a secret garden to go city-camping in!

Ms. Liz said...

Chocolate is one of the ways I deal with my grey cubicle incarceration. I also have a bunch of pictures of family memebers and friends that crack me up. Hmmm - slippers at work... that sounds really lovely actually. I feel ya sister lady. I feel ya -

Mr. Hall said...

That is a crime! You should use this day of your ancestors--the mighty Irish--and rise up in pagan defiance of this imposed order! AAAARRGHHHH!!!
Or you could just put up some posters of Ireland inside the window so that you can pretend to be looking out at a magnificent view. . . or take solace in the idea that with a promotion you get a little extra money that you can save for a trip to Ireland. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Rachel said...

I think you should turn it into a submarine (I mean in decoration, natch). Like the Nautilus! You could put up a door and then have a periscope and look out over at your neighbors. You could decorate on the outside with barnacles and netting and make everyone call you Captain.

Amanda said...

Oh, goodie. I agree with Rachel. Everyone should call you Captain. I think I'm going to start that, even if you don't decorate your cubicle like a sub.
I am a little sad that day one of 'Liz isn't going to update her blog' week has begun.
I will of course check each day in hopes of even one or two witty or thoughtful sentences. But until then, good luck with work this week.

Heather said...

Dear Captian,
I agree--a Submarine would be awesome! You can even get some little fish decals to put in the window!, and do the fish tank on your screen saver!

Anxiously waiting for pics,

PS My fav part would be the periscope.

Hannah said...

Well I WAS going to suggest that you get walkie-talkies and use them to communicate with your fellow cubicalions, I had a whole bit I was going to do, but Rachel's thing with the submarine was WAY funnier. And also more relevant. Sorry Captain.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know someone would beat me to the submarine suggestion.

You could also set up a toll booth for anyone who walks by. Or wear mirrored sunglasses and point a hairdryer at them, pretending to clock their speed.