Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OPEN LETTER OF EXCITEMENT AND DISBELIEF!!!!! [Cue the bells and whistles and confetti]

Dear 10,000th Visitor,

Who were you? Come on, confess! I have a present for you! (Other than my undying love which is a given.)

I hope you were someone I know! Or at the very least someone who knows someone I know. Or someone who knows someone who knows me, but I don’t know them.

Really, I just hope you weren’t a spammer.

I’ve been hit by those recently and would be bummed if I had to give my “You’re Awesomely Awesome for Visiting Me” present to federal student loan or lottery gambling.

In any event, thank you! Thank you for stopping by, even if it was accidental, and you only looked at my blog for a nanosecond. I still love you!

So, tell me who you were so you can collect your gift*.

And come back soon!

Gratefully yours,


*Would it help you to confess if I told you about the present? Well, it’s a one-of-a-kind mixed media piece by yours truly entitled “To the Super Best Blog Reader in the World.” Who wouldn't want that?


Andrea said...

I thought federal student loan was maybe someone you worked with. Anyway, congratulations 10,000 visitors!

Heather said...

Oh--I hope it was me!!! I want the prize! :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess I was 10,002 or so?

And I don't think I know you. I know the Segullah blog, where I saw something about bells and whistles and clicked a link. So, hi. And congratulations.

Gina said...

It was me...probably. :)

Amanda said...

how do you know? Cause if there is no official way to tell, it was for sure me, not Gina!
Congrats on a very popular blog!