Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Upcoming Posts…

1. Big Bear Bonanza

2. My Addiction to iTunes and what happened when I recently visited it.

3. Changing my World View and how’s that going.

4. Art and spiritual creativity. (Which I’ll probably put on my other blog.)

But, for now, in an effort to do nothing, I’ve been visiting your friends. (You know, the people you have linked to your blog that I don’t know.) Well, I’m looking at their blogs and sometimes commenting in a hopefully non-stalker-ish manner.

I’ve wanted to expand my horizons and your friends are how I’m doing it!*

What I’ve learned from this is that it is a tangled web we live in. I’ll stop by someone that you have on your blog and then swing over to someone they have on their blog, and then the next thing you know, I’m reading about someone’s trip down the Mississippi who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone that I know.

Weird. And a little confusing.

But lots of fun. Give it a try!

*Oh, and if there is a blog or website that you LOVE, drop me a comment so I can check it out! I'm always looking for something to do besides what I should be doing.


Amanda said...

Liz, I do this little 'visit with people I don't know' thing regularly. It really sucks you in.
I have two must read blogs for you

1)check my FarmGirl link on my page. This woman is living my dream. During the summer it is a lot of pictures as she doesn't have as much time to write. I read her blog to escape.

2) Go to Bronwyn's blog and then go to her link for Molly Jackson. First go to the May 19th post and read forward.

Liz W. said...


I took your suggestions and you were right! Both blogs are definitely worth visiting.

I think FarmGirl is living the life I want too! Wouldn't it be great if we had adjoining land and could visit each other through little wooden fences?

And, for those of you who visit Amanda's 2nd suggestion (which you should ABSOLUTELY do), a little warning: have tissue nearby. Seriously. I am amazed and in awe of these people. I cried and cried, and wondered that if I were to go through something like they are, would I be able to maintain such faith? I'm not so sure...