Friday, May 15, 2009

How did your day start?

Here’s the 10 step process for mine, in case you want to repeat it (and forewarning, it includes a bad word, and I mean a real one, not like “d*mn” or “h*ll” which are mild four-letter words by comparison. But, I had to include it because it’s a direct quote.):

1. Hit snooze 7 times. (Yes, 7. I know, that’s ridiculous. I’m actually only supposed to hit it 5 times (still ridiculous) which leads to my problem this morning.)

2. Wake up and realize that I’m 20 minutes late because of extra snoozing. (Really, 18 minutes late. Which reminds me: Why is snooze only 9 minutes? Do they think we need a minute to realize what the beeping* is and shut it off?

3. Run around like a wacko trying to get ready.

4. Leave my apartment and drive away while forgetting a) my breakfast I had premade, b) my lunch I had premade, and c) my purse. (Got my keys, though!)

5. Rush to work in a panic (while still observing most of the traffic laws) because I’m late and have an 8am meeting. (I mean, really, who has an 8am meeting on a Friday? That should be against the code of work ethics or something.)

6. Park and get out of my car at 7:59am. (This is also when I realize that I’ve forgotten my purse.)

7. Walk briskly to my building.

8. Get pooped on by a bird, but not notice it.

9. Enter my office, see my boss give me a funny look, think it’s about being late, say “I know I’m late, you would not believe my morning.” And hear her response “Well, if it’s anything like the sh*t you have on your shirt, it must have been bad.”

10. Endure being laughed at by other meeting attendees while I explain why I have a wet spot on my shirt and apologize for being 15 minutes late.

*I actually don’t wake to beeping. I can’t stand that! I wake to the sound of ocean waves which I can hear despite wearing earplugs and having 3 fans on in my room**.

** Have I mentioned that I’m a light sleeper? Slumber parties were NOT my friend. (In fact, I still avoid them for this very reason.)


Taryn said...

I think Mother Nature has it in for you! All of these animal attacks are a sign of something....I'm just not sure what.

I am a light sleeper too. It sucks. Going on vacation is quite a challenge for me:_)

Laura said...

You have GOT to be kidding me! This can't be!! Poor Lizzie!! You need a a place where there are no animals!

Rachel said...

I know exactly what this is a sign of...THAT WE'RE UNDER ATTACK. I'm serious, the birds are up to something.

And I'm so sorry this happened. Did you burst into tears? I would have burst into tears and hid under my desk.

I think we need to take a mini road trip next weekend. Drop everything and hop in the car and wear large hats in the sun.

thefoxkids said...

Oh my!!! I think there is deffenately something in the air there in CA. we need to get you something to fend off those nasty flying things..
I agree you need to get away.. i'm being totally selfish now because I want you to go away spontaniously and blog about it!!!