Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can you say STRESSED?

I'm having a bad week.

I'm stressed at work.

I'm stressed about my life/career choice.

I'm stressed about an upcoming church calling that I cannot disclose at this time.

I'm stressed all over the place.

So much so, that I can't form words for anything witty, funny, or mildly amusing in a blog post (even though I have some stories to tell), nor can I think about anything deeply enough to pontificate.

I'm pretty much in funk city right now (and not the good kind of funk, but the bad kind.)


Rachel said...

I think this calls for a Bert & Rocky's trip. Come over tonight for fun and destressing. I will play you some funk.

Laura said...

I'm sorry you're in a bad funk! I am too...I was just about to post about it but thought it might be too heavy for everyone. Stress stinks. I'm not even going to tell you not to worry or that everything will be o.k., becuase I hate it when people do that to me. I think ice cream and funk with Rachel sound like a FAB idea! If it wouldn't take me 93 1/2 hours to get out there, I would come too! I'll be there in spirit. Have an extra scoop of something chocolatey for me!

Ms. Liz said...

I think stress is just in the air. I've been a ballesque form of it too. Suddenly that frog in a gradually heating up pot of water metaphore doesn't feel so campy. I hear, see, and feel ya lady. I'm available for ice cream too if you want. :)

Liz said...

As tempting as Bert & Rocky's is (not to mention the fun company), I really think I'm just going to go home, crawl under the covers and pray that tomorrow looks brighter.

It's one of those days...

Amanda said...

Well, I have the perfect solution for you!!! If you move to Scotland then you a)would have a fabulous week b)not be working in LaVerne anymore, so that would not be stressful c)you could kindly decline your upcoming church calling. So often moving out of the country seems the only reasonable way of getting out of callings. and d)you could find Gerard Butler or his cousin and live happily ever after.
If you don't want to take on the move to Scotland right now, I understand, but you need to start working on that plan. I am also going to say that Bert & Rocky's is a fine idea. Even if you are in a solitary mood where you don't want to jam with the girls, just grab a half gallon of something yummy, go home, get in your Christmas jammies and get a spoon! Let me know when it is safe to plan the visit to Scotland. :)

Heather said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. :(

How is today looking?

I wish I was funny so I could tell you a story and make you laugh, but I'm not...You could check out this page: It's a bunch of random sayings, and some of them are pretty entertaining. Sometimes laughing at other people helps!

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Heather said...

Wow--look at you making Brazilian friends!