Friday, September 7, 2007


I know, I’ve posted a lot recently about my office mate. But I have too! I can’t keep suffering in silence.*

Conversation with my office mate this morning…

Her: Thanks for telling me how your interview went. Now when I have mine, I’ll be prepared. I can’t come up with things on the spare of the moment.

Me: You mean spur, spur of the moment.

Her: What? It isn’t spare?

Me: Nope, it’s spur, as in “with haste.” (Seeing her confusion), in other words, spur as “in a hurry.”

Her: Oh. Man, I get so fustrated when I say something wrong.

Me: You mean, frustrated.

Her: That’s what I said, fustrated.

Me: No, frrrru, frustrated.

Her: Oh.

* If it makes you feel better, yesterday I sacrificed my entire lunch hour (which I had been saving for a great new book I’m reading) to talk with her about the gospel. See! I’m not totally snarky!

Addendum: You see now how not good I am! Here I've been, thinking and praying about my lack of pure goodness for days, and the first thing that came to my mind after I had this conversation was "I can't wait to post this on my blog!" Would Corrie Ten Boom do this? No! Would Jesus? No! Would Liz? Yes, in a heartbeat. This is my problem.


Rachel said...

Fustrated!!! Argh! This one gets me the most.

Laura said...

Keep in mind though, that you sharing these stories brings joy and amusement to others. I submit that there is more than one way to bring goodness into the lives of others!