Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Fluff? Sort of...

Five Annoying Things about Yesterday

1. I had a squeaky shoe. A really squeaky shoe. An I'm-not-walking-unless-I-absolutely-have-to squeaky shoe. (And it was a horrible squeak, not a little funny one.)

2. I had a song stuck in my head the WHOLE DAY!!! (Which song, you ask? “Africa” by Toto. I almost had to kill myself.)

3. I was called, about 64 times, by my trainee asking me things we’ve already been over 64 times. “Did you double click?” (I don't know why she keeps forgetting this.)

4. I got a bloody nose while I was talking to a coworker. It was incredibly random and incredibly embarrassing.

5. I had a headache.

One Wonderful Thing about Today

I don’t have a headache!!!! (Which makes me happy because I was afraid I had an aneurysm or something.)


Tamara Ward said...

All this week i have been the trainee at my new job, that will be off for the summer , so I got trained and now I get to forget it all and come back in the fall. Now next week I get to be trained for my office summer job, yuck it is no fun being the trainer or the trainee!

Rachel said...

Great, now I have Africa by Toto stuck in my head. I hope you're day got better.