Monday, May 5, 2008

Sigh... A Monday Morning...

So, I've had a headache since Saturday.

Yesterday, I thought my brain was exploding.

This morning, I think there are small men inside my scull trying to chisel out a miniature Mount Rushmore.

And this has caused me forget my cell phone as I dragged myself to work.

It's not like tons of people call me. (I mean, it's a red letter day if one person calls me.)

But, it's always times like this when on the way home from work my tire explodes. And I have to push my way past nefarious characters to get to a pay phone, which is sticky, and I feel like I need to bleach my entire body just to get the "city" off me.

Here's to hoping that doesn't happen...

Happy Monday!


Laura said...

I'm sorry about the sculptors in your head!

My day's not so good either. And speaking of cell phones...My bill came yesterday...$174!!! I KNOW!! They fake you out with the term "unlimited" minutes, when there are really all these stipulations on it! I just had to change my plan...sometimes, I hate cell phones!

themayerfamily said...

Sorry you're not feeling good. I'll pray that your tire and your head does not explode--and that your trainee can get a brain.

Amanda said...

This is day two of headache for me. I'm feeling your pain sista.
Yesterday, I was for reals, old lady.
I was laying in bed with the lights out and a towel of ice over my eyes. Heating pad on my pack and a little neck pillow that vibrates under my neck.
Today, I worked with the lights almost all off and I was wishing I could do anything besides teach kindergarten-although that is most days.

Rachel said...

Wait, does everyone have a headache? Because I've had one all weekend too. I think we should start an Old Lady Club.

Laura said...

I'm totally in for the Old Lady Club. If we have one, we should wear gloves and hats and support hose...and all go to an old lady restaurant together and order off the Senior menu!