Thursday, May 8, 2008

Headache 2008

This is day 6 of my headache.

Now, it feels like I have a really tight rubber band around my head. Not debilitating, but enough to make everything else in the world seem like crap and not worth the effort.

And this worldview has made me alter all my plans this week, including my goal to write an incredibly witty and insightful blog post.

But, I did want to mention that my surprise on June 13th might have to change to the 14th.

I’ve just found out that I’m being sent on a week-long business trip, and won’t be returning until the 13th. At this point, I don’t know my flight plans, and I’d hate to have the surprise without me!

When I get more details, I’ll let you know*.

*And in case you’re interested (probably not), it’s a solo business trip in Reno. I think I’m going to take this opportunity to get myself involved in a little debauchery**.

**Who am I kidding? Got any good book suggestions? I’m going to have a lot of alone time, sitting in my dorm room at UNR.


Laura said...

Lizzie - I'm sorry you're not feeling well. And that you have to spend a week in Reno. I think you totally should try some debauchery! Come on, it will be FUN!!

I'm bummed about the surprise - I for sure can't come on the 14th. Since that's the case, I think you need to tell me what it is!! Send me an email!!

Jennette said...

I've been blog-stalking you long enough so I guess it's time to leave you a comment. Your book blog sounds great but I probably won't be able to participate until after my boards and can read "normal" books again. It sounds like you have a classic tension headache. If the usual Tylenol or whatever doesn't work it may be worthwhile to try some over-the-counter migraine medicine. A massage and hot bath might work too. I hope you feel better! I wish I could recommend a good book but it's been a while/ Have you read "Reading Lolita in Tehran"? I have read most of it and it's pretty good.

Andrea said...

When you find out your flight plans let me know, I'm getting in on the 12th which means I can be there on the 13th to pick you up. I'd love to be the one holding the signs this time. Then we could go get dessert, get lost on Guasti, almost run over a bum in the street, see a drug deal in action, etc. Ahh, good times!

Tamara Ward said...

I am so sorry, that totally sinks ! Hopefully you can get lots of sleep, that is all I want to do when I have a headache. You can read some church history pioneer stories that always makes me feel better when I am in pain.

Wendy said...

Headaches are such a mystery to me. I've never been able to understand just what they are, except that they are BAD. It's one of those things, like mosquitos, that you have to ask yourself, "Now was this really a necessary part of creation?".

Hopefully you wont have a headache going solo in Reno! a week you don't have to show up at the office! That's a good thing!