Monday, October 1, 2007


Conversation my sister had with my 5 year-old nephew…

Carolyn: Thank you for helping me, Caleb. Hey, do you want to know how to say thank you in other languages?

Caleb: Okay.

Carolyn: In Spanish, you say “gracias,” in Korean you say “Kamsahamnida,” in Mandarin Chinese you say “Xie Xie,” and in Japanese you say “Domo Arigato.”

Caleb: Oh.

Then a few seconds pass…

Caleb: Poo Poo gato. That’s how you say thank you in Crapanese.

I love being an aunt!


Laura said...

That's a good one. When they're clever like that, it makes me wonder where they get it from. It doesn't seem like they're old enough, or experienced enough to be that clever, but I love it when they are!

Heather said...

HAHAHAHA! Thats Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!