Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh no, not me!

Well, I’ve been tagged. Thanks, Rachel!

You think I would know myself well enough to come up with 6 facts/habits that I could post in response to this challenge. But, seriously, I’ve been stumped for hours now.

I almost considered making stuff up so I would seem more interesting, but then I realized that the 6 readers of my blog know me, and would know I was full of it.

So, I guess I’m just stuck with the actual facts and habits about the real me. Darn. Imaginary Liz is so much more fascinating.

1. When I was in high school, I was in an independent film called Grey in which I played White Girl #1 (until about 3 weeks into it when White Girl #2 pulled out). I then had the great opportunity to play White Girl #1 AND #2. This doubled my lines (to 4). And it gave me the last lines in the whole movie “You know what you get when you mix black and white, don’t you? Grey.” Yup. And I had to say it so many times and then hold a smile in just such a manner, that by the time I was done, my lips were shaking. Oh, good times! I wonder what ever happened to my ¼ cent royalties.

2. I won’t eat the skins of any potato I didn’t prepare myself. I don’t care who cooked it: fancy chef, great friend, loving grandma, or my mom. If I didn’t scrub it, I won’t eat it. I even have a special potato-scrubbing-only brush that I use. I don’t know why I’m like this. I can’t recall any specific childhood trauma connected to this (Dear Mom, Am I suppressing any horrifying potato catastrophe? Love, Liz). It’s just one of my things. So, if you invite me over and serve baked potatoes, don’t be offended when I leave the skin on my plate.

3. Pictures freak me out a little bit (not taking them, but looking at them later) because they trap time. It’s like I’m a native somewhere on an undiscovered island, and I think you’ve captured my soul when you show me a picture. I know, logically, that this is not the case. But still, it kind of weirds me out. And don’t get me started on videos.

4. I read multiple books at once. Currently, I’m reading 5 different books (but, I only put 3 on my blog reading list so I don’t appear indecisive). I need to mix it up on a daily basis. If I read only one book at a time, I get bored, and then I won’t finish it (especially if it has a predictable plot). That’s why I blend non-fiction with fiction, religious with secular. Oh, and my secret guilty reading pleasure: I love to read about reading. So, I read a lot of books about how to read, how professors read, how book critiques read, how not to read, what to read, who likes to read, etc. In fact, I’d almost like to read about reading more than reading something to read. Are you confused? Good, so am I.

5. I hate my hair. Always have. Well, maybe not always. I don’t think I cared much in my early days. But definitely since puberty when becoming a woman also meant that my hair became possessed with the “secret combination” of frizz. I blame the devil, really. And in the afterlife, if I have curly hair, then you know where I ended up…and you don't want to be there!

6. If I can’t fall asleep (which is often—stupid insomnia), I sing to myself. I have a whole repertoire of songs that I go through. Some church hymns, some Disney, some Karen Carpenter. It’s a kaleidoscope of tunes, really. I think this stems from my early childhood when my mom would go from room to room and sing to me and my siblings. I can remember hearing her in the distance, and knowing that soon she’d stand in my door way and lull me to sleep. Thanks, Mom! Oh, and speaking of sleep, I also have a special blanket (no, not a blankie) that I wrap around my head, sort of turban-like, except that it also has to go across my eyes and around my neck. Yes, it’s a complicated arrangement. And yes, I have a very good reason for it. And no, you will never see me do it.

Well, there you have it! Do you still want to be friends?

Oh, and I tag Gertrude, Florence, Bathsheba, Constance, Millicent, and Ethel.*

*Yes, I made these people up (well, I’m sure women by those names exist, I just don’t know any (But I wish I did. Those are some of my favorite names.)). Rachel took all my friends and already tagged them. And the few un-tagged friends will probably be tagged by the already tagged friends. So, since I couldn’t make up any facts about myself, I went with fake friends.


Andrea said...

I'm glad to hear you sleep with a special blanket. I have a special pillow that has to be facing a certain way and the lumps have to be perfectly positioned to fit under my neck. High Five to bedtime rituals!

Your Mom said...

Your Mom
Liz, I am trying this for the first time...I hope it works. Thanks for helping me push the technology envelope, at least for me. You are so funny and so wise and so awesome. I guess a mom can say this. Thanks for making me laugh and think. I'm so glad I had you. You were definately worth twelve hours of labor!!! Love, Mom

Laura said...

Bronwyn -

I'm dying to know if there was some sort of potato catastrophe in Liz's past...please fill us all in! Inquiring minds!!


Amanda said...

so jealous of the being able to read 5 books at one time. I most of the time can't read one book at a time, so I'm amazed. I can actually read, but if I put down the book for more than 30 minutes, I forget the entire thing and have to start from the title again. Any ideas for improving my memory? I talked to Reed once about it and that was an interesting thing. You know Shannon's 'husband'. Don't get him started. Trust me on this one.

Rachel said...

I'm with Amanda, only one book at a time. If I try to read more than one book then I get overwhelmed and end up not reading anything. I can get through more books if I just stick to one.

I love potato skins! How do you feel about them in mashed potatoes?