Thursday, November 1, 2007

Friday Fluff (a little early)

(I’m posting this today because I won’t be able to tomorrow.)

So, I wasn’t going to tell anyone I was doing this, you know, to stave off abject failure and humiliation. But then as I was reading about it more on the various forums, I was told that I’m supposed to USE possible failure and humiliation as a motivational tool.

With that being said, I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, for the initiated.

I’m introducing this on my Friday Fluff post because, well, everything I’ve written so far is fluff—and crap—don’t forget the crap.

I’ve met my 1700 words a day quota so far (meaning, day 1), and let me tell you, it’s a challenge. I started yesterday with no characters, no plot, no ideas, and no hope. And now, 2000 words into it, I have 4 characters (with Abbott Brinley as the protagonist), a trite plot, a few stinky ideas, and still no hope. But, it’s progressing, sort of.

The funny thing about writing is that you just don’t know where your characters are going to turn up and what they are going to want to talk about. I thought I would write a story about a chunky girl on the hunt for love (you know, because I can relate) and I’ve ended up with a character who’s retelling her past living in a quirky town in Ohio and being raised by eccentric parents who live in a world of make believe!

Why did this happen? Who knows! I sure don’t. Let’s hope Abbott, does. (And, in case you’re wondering “Why is her name Abbott?” I don’t know that either. Isn’t imagination funny?)

Maybe you should think about giving this a try! And then we could commiserate together!
I now know why Abbott was named so. Her parents had a great love for Abbott and Costello, and always imagined themselves as a great comedy duo. When they were first married, they actually tried to revive the Vaudville scene. They were mildly successful in their small Ohio town (and even had a picture of themselves on the only billboard in the tri-county area).


Anonymous said...

Liz, Once again I have laughed out loud!! As you know, I know the strange creative experience you are exploring. It's just so fun and amazing to see what actually comes out when you sit down to write. Please let me read your creation. It's such a surprising adventure. Characters really do have minds of their own. AS for the single/married issue, your comments are clear, profound, funny, honest and right on target. Awesome!!! Love, Mom

Emily M. said...

Liz, way to go! That's something I have thought about doing... maybe next November.

Also, I loved your "thought on men and women posts."

Laura said...

I want to read it too!! Please! I want to try writing one too, but how many pages is 1700 words a day? And now I'm already a day behind and didn't even think about it ahead of time. I'm feeling pressured now. So maybe my story can start out as a depressed chunky girl on the hunt for love in Texas and when that didn't work out she moves back to California and feels pressure in almost all that she does. How does that sound for a plot?

Rachel said...

I'm totally in! Although I'm a day late which means that I'm either going to have to write 3400 words tonight or carry it over into December. Um, yes, December is looking great. What a terrific idea. I think we should set a date to read each other's stuff at the end of it.

Liz said...


It's not too late to start, Laura and Rachel. It's easy to make up a days words. Just add 100 words to the next two weeks and you've done it.

Have you visited the site yet? They have a lot of helpful tips. We could even get together for a word write-in!

Everyone else should do it to!

Amanda said...

Or, you could create a writer's blog to update all of us on the movement of your novels?
Also, I'm also curious about how many pages a day constitutes 1700.

Liz said...

Amanda: If you type single space, it's about 685 words per page. So, a little less than 3 pages.

And I don't know about the blog idea. I would be embarrassed for anyone to read it right now. Maybe after I've worked on it for a while, but I don't know. It really is crap.