Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sister Beck Says So...Part I

Some of you (i.e. those who live by me) know that Sister Beck came to speak at a four Stake Relief Society event.

I thought (i.e. heard through rumors) that she was going to speak about all the kafuffle that took place after her General Conference talk, so I, of course, HAD to be there.

This meant that I had to wake up early on a Saturday, put on my Sunday best, and trundle over to another cities Stake center—not my favorite thing to do on a Saturday when I’ve had an exhausting week of injured parents and novel writing.

But, nevertheless, I went, reporter hat in tow (and tape recorder in purse). I felt it was my duty to catch the scoop so I could inform all my other blog readers who don’t live by me (i.e. the five of you) of the happenings. And also, not living in Utah, and not going to many events in Utah, I realized this may be the only time I ever see a General Relief Society President in person, and that’s something to tell my posterity (i.e. nieces and nephew (since I’m a spinster)) about.

I thought what I would do (because I don’t have time to transcribe the whole thing, and I don’t know if that’s legal anyway) is give the highlights, you know, the quotes that really stuck out to me: Things that I loved, things that made me think, and things that made me go “huh?”

Before I begin, let me add two things:

1.) I was sadly disappointed when I found out that she wasn’t there to talk about the reaction she received from her Gen. Conf. talk. Her attendance at this event was planned months ago, and she was just going to speak on the topic. (Ah, shucks.) It turned out to still be well worth it, though.

2.) I was greatly pleased that she opened up the last 10 minutes or so to questions from the audience. That’s a brave thing to do as you can get excessively crying sisters who can’t gain composure, completely confused sisters asking the dumbest questions on the planet, and nut-jobs. (Can I call my fellow sisters in the gospel nut-jobs? No, because it’s not Christ-like? Okay, disregard.) I will speak on some of these questions later.

Tune in tomorrow for Part II…


Ms. Liz said...

Oh I'm so excited. I've been dying to sit down with you and pick your brain on the morning and discourse of it all as well. Lemme know when you have a second - or a non-headache ridden second.

Eddie said...

I think "nut-jobs" is fair game, as long as it's accurate. There are plenty of nut-jobs in any organization.

(I'm probably one of them)