Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Fluff

I’m not really in a fluffly mood today. KROQ had an “Ask a Mormon” segment on their morning show today, and of course, they get a former Mormon to answer the questions.

So, if you didn’t hear it, you can imagine how it went: truths twisted, or delivered like we belong in a loony bin (which, I’ll admit, is easy to do with some of our beliefs), half-truths given as truths, folklore given as facts, etc.

Basically, the same crap we always get. I’ve already been asked about it by 2 co-workers.

Time for damage control!

I can understand why people focus on our more esoteric beliefs. They’re way more interesting then the everyday Sunday stuff. But still.

And, I don’t understand why people like Kevin and Bean*, or newspaper reporters, or anyone else not Mormon, think that asking a former Mormon is more objective then asking a current Mormon.

One doesn’t like it, the other does. Both are biased in some way. But people always assume the “one who got out” is the better candidate for insights.

Ugh. Oh well.

With that, let me give you something that isn’t exactly what I would consider “fluff,” but I’ve found it incredibly interesting. Read about "Mingering Mike" and be amazed by the power of a dream and what one teenager/young man will do to live it (real or not).

I can't imagine the time this guy spent on the records. Did you check out his art work? All that detail. Remarkable!

Well, I hope you have a fun weekend!

(I'll be working on my crappy novel, trying desperately to catch up. So, pray that my fingers don't cramp up and my mind comes up with something remotely interesting.)

* Rachel, now that Bean is your BFF, could you please speak to him about this? Maybe he could have you on the radio as a Mormon spokeswoman! That would be fantastic!!!


Rachel said...

I was totally going to write about this because I heard it too and it was infuriating. I only got the first segment because I had to go into work, (dumb job.) but I imagine the rest of it went about how I expected it to. I've heard a few of their other "Ask a..." and they've all been experts in the actual field. It seemed like a cheap shot to get someone who left the church. And I think I will write Bean. We're pals right?

Silvs said...

I don't know if you watch your traffic, but the guy who was on "ask a Mormon" linked your blog, as well as mine. I posted recently and linked various bits from his posts and threads. I'm overhere.

Tim said...

I actually think he did a good job. He knew what he was talking about, didn't out right lie about anything and they knew that they could get him to answer questions things an active LDS would have be hesitant to get into.

You can hear the whole interview at my blog.