Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Fluff-Mental Health Edition

So, I’ve come across a number articles in the last couple weeks that have given me cause to ponder and reflect on my own mental health* and how I think my life should be.

Initially, I was going to post a long treatise on each of them. (You know how I love my treatises!) But, I’ve decided against that because I’m on my own nerves about the whole thing.

Instead, I’m just going to link to them, and if you have the time (and the interest), read them.

If not, don’t. I’ll never know.

(Unless, of course, you make a comment about not reading them. And that’s just mean. Although, I would love a comment. So, maybe it wouldn’t be mean. It would just be considerate in a rude sort of way. Yes! In that case, make a comment about not reading anything and thank you for doing so.)

Do you think that every day should be incredible for it to be worthwhile?

I did, too. But, we’re wrong!

So, go ahead and don’t do anything. Revel in the mundanity of it all!

You deserve it!


Your attitude—maybe it’s not you!

Maybe the reason you're down-in-the-dumps is where you live, and you’re absorbing the sad through osmosis!

Or, maybe it is you.

Either way, I say, blame your city if you can.


If you think it is your city (and you’re just a helpless victim in it all), maybe you should move to one of the happiest places on earth!

That might help!

At the very least, maybe if you read the book you’ll get some tips on how to bloom where you’re planted.

And if you do buy the book, can I borrow it? (I’ll probably write in it, though, so be forewarned.)


Speaking of happiness, do you think it is the be-all and the end-all?

Do you think that happiness is more important than grief?

Do you think that if you’re not happy, something is wrong with you?

Well, you’re mistaken!

So, don’t bother trying to cheer yourself up all the time.

Enjoy your misery, why don’t you! (And learn something.)


Well, there you have it!

I hope this has given you something to think about over the weekend. (I'm thinking about visiting Iceland. Anybody want to go with me?)

*I don’t want you to think that I’m all depressed or anything. I’m not! I just love reading and learning about how the mind works, how emotions work, how other people feel, how to change how we feel, what we want out of life, what we get out of life, blabbity blah blah. I’m really into the introspective (in case you haven’t noticed).


Laura said...

This is a preliminary comment, because I want to read a couple of those articles later. First, I can't seem to fully blame LA for my misery. Yes, taxes are high, rent is high, polution is stinky, traffic is bad. But then there's those perfectly beautiful California days, living close to the beach, living close to my parents and you guys. Can't be all bad!

Secondly, I thought Disneyland was The Happiest Place on Earth...and yes, I'd like to live the castle, with a tiara!

Anonymous said...

That first link is kind of like your blog from a couple days ago, about reaching to succeed and "accomplish" something huge, rather than accepting the day's well done work. I totally agree with that, I think we even emailed about that the other day.

Heather said...

Wow--so much to think about! I read as much as I could before I went to lunch today, but I didnt get to finish that last one. It looks really interesting (Sometimes I really just want to curl up with a sad movie and cry, and it looks like that will tell me it's okay to do.) so I hope I can finish it soon.
For the most part, I learned things I think I already knew, but from someone else's view: 1-Find joy in the journey instead of the destination, 2-stand in holy places, 3-surrounding yourself with people who have your same values/morals. Since I havent read 4 yet, I cant give you the example of what I've been taught about it but maybe it will be that sometimes he lets it rain, or something about needing the negative to appreciate the posative...

Anonymous said...

Wow Liz, I loved all the aritcles and printed them for talk resources!! You are funny and awesome and make me think--I love that. Mom

chronicler said...

Hi Liz, found you from nine moons blogger meet up thing post. I'll keep you bookmarked and check back. I love politics and the environment to talk about but hardly blog about them because I just get so angry. Sounds like you.

Hope to meet you at the next blogger thing.

Rachel said...

You should read the book Amusing Ourselves to Death. You know my memory (or the lack of one) so I don't actually remember much of the particulars but it basically discusses how we're always looking for something bigger and better and never being satisfied with what we get. Somehow our society feels like we have to be amused 24-7 and it's actually making us miserable. Very interesting stuff.