Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Fluff...A Video Tribute

First, did you ever play this game when you were a kid? Me too!

Did you know this game was full of social commentary? Neither did I!

Watch this video to see what I'm talking about.

What in the world?! Like the caption said, we were innocent little kids...


On to the next video offering...

Have you done your visiting teaching yet? Me neither!

Watch this video to laugh at the truthfulness of it all (and to be reminded of visiting teaching's purpose).

Come on, confess, how many of those "visits" have you used? (wink, wink)


And lastly, this is a sad and tragic video for those of us who like to spike our water.

I'm horrified, disturbed, and not sure what to do about it. Am I now going to have to carry citrus in my pocket? Or maybe one of these?

Oh, the sadness of it all...

Have a great weekend. And pass on the lemons.


Andrea said...

Um, okay, that lemon video? I so did not need to see that. I am such a freak when it comes to germs and bacteria. Just ask my fellow employees...every morning I arrive 15 minutes early to work so that I can wipe down the front counter with my handy dandy Lysol wipes. When I'm at a restaurant, after I look at the menu I whip out my anti-bacterial hand gel to clean my hands. So looks like no more lemons for me!

Rachel said...

I went out to lunch with Sheila last week and she told me about the lemon thing just as I was putting one in my water! I had to ask for a new glass.

Anonymous said...

Good grief... I knew there was a reason I never put lemons in my water. Thank you for the education dearest!