Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fluff

So, today I was going to announce that I was closing down my blog. I was thinking about this while at work yesterday, and on my drive home, and throughout the evening.

You see, I just feel I have nothing to say. And what I do talk about is boring and/or stupid. I make a post, and immediately want to delete it. And I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what’s the point of my blog. It's just my rambling thoughts. No focus or cohesion. I mean, I sensor myself somewhat, but mostly, I just let it all out of my head.

And I’m not sure it’s of any value.

So, today was going to be my last post. And I was going to wish you all a fond farewell, with hugs and kisses, and promises to still visit your blogs.

And then my mom called to tell me that she loved my V-day (that’s for you, Rachel ;-0) post, and that my grandma is now an official reader of my blog. (Dear Grandma, Hi! I’m so happy to know you’ve been reading my posts. I hope you’re not as bored with them as I am. I’m trying to do better. I love you! Love, Liz)

When I told her (mom, not grandma) that I was planning on closing up shop, she said that I shouldn’t, that she enjoys reading about what I’m thinking, that it was a way for her to hear from me more often, that my posts weren’t a stupid waste of time and exposed my idiocy (my words, not hers—my mom doesn’t call me names), and that it was a way for my grandma to know what’s going on in my life.

So, I’ve decided to keep blogging for now. I at least have to hit my 100th post so I can throw myself a party, right? (And that’s only 12 posts away!)

With all that being said, on to some fluff…

Dear Super Duper Pet People,

You need to get a grip. There is no need for this. That’s just ridiculous. I’m embarrassed for us all. Please realize that pet love is not people love, and go out and make some friends.

Very concerned for you mental health,


Now, on to some, well, I’m not sure what to call it without sounding sacrilegious (which is not my intention)… Jesus News:

Did you hear about “Lookin’ Good for Jesus?” People are so funny. And what does lip balm actually do to make you look good? It usually has no color. Really, it should be “Smooth Lips for Jesus,” which is guess sounds worse. So, never mind.

And did you read about this poor lady? Can you imagine the thought process that when through this guys mind? “Man, why doesn’t this lady ever pick up her dog poop? I know what I’ll do to get back at her! I steal her Jesus statue! Yah! That’ll show her!”

Oh, and did you read what the ransom note said? Who says “ wiener poopie”? Crazy people, that’s who!

Well, to leave you with something to make you irritated, here’s a little game (if you’ve got time to kill).

Directions: Write the numbers from 1 to 8 into the squares, so that the squares with consecutive numbers do not touch (neither edges nor corners).

I did it. I took me a while, but I did it.

See, aren’t you glad I’m still blogging?


Gina said...

As a former roommate and hallway chatter, I forbid you to close the blog. What you term "meaningless" is so meaningful to me. I was actually considering beginning my own personal blog today. Still not sure if I'm 100% on the idea, but I'm about 85%.

Don't quit blogging.....come on....who's with me?

Keep Liz's blog. Keep Liz's blog!

Andrea said...

I'm with Gina! You can't quit blogging! I look forward to your postings every day!!!

Ms. Liz said...

LIZ!! The thought of you leaving the blogosphere fills me with sadness. (I'm picking up my pom-poms Gina "Keep! Liz's! Blog!")

I think that half the charm of blogs is their random nature and glances they offer into people's days and heads. You know - every conversation isn't weighty and philosophical, those are a once a week kind of things, just like blog posts are. Thats how I see it. I will wear black for a week if you shut up shop. Seriously.

M said...

Dear Liz,

Stop being insecure! I love your blog. Your Valentine's Day post was the best thing I read yesterday.

still reading,
Emily M.

Anonymous said...

How bizarre, I've been having exactly those same thoughts this week. Especially yesterday, when I had to dig something out of thin air to turn into interesting. And my bff talked me out of it last night. Yay for same wavelengths, and yay that you didn't leave Blogsphere.

Heather said...

Yes, I'm definately glad you're still blogging.
And also, it was a family member. Who leaves a ransom "wiener poopie" note for their family member's Jesus statue? I agree, crazy people.

Laura said...

If I have to picket to make you keep it up, I will! Think of it as service to others, because it is.

Laura said...

Oh...and Gina...I'll picket you too...I demand that you start a blog!