Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Fluff

So, I’ve been interviewing people for two days, and really, I hate it! (I’m planning on posting about why I hate it next week—‘cause I’ve got something to say about the whole thing. Big surprise, huh?)

Anyway, hating things does not a fluffy mood make.

So, I’m having a hard time with the post today. With that being said…


Hey, did I ever tell you that technology kind of scares me? Well, it does. And this article does not make me feel any better. I mean, is this the mark of the beast or something?

I’m going on record here: I will never need a phone bad enough that I will have it implanted under my skin. EVER. I’ll just old school it with string and plastic cups before I resort to that.


Have you guys seen this video? You probably have. I think everyone’s seen it but me. Wouldn’t it have been weird/cool to have been there and have seen people freeze mid-motion? And for five minutes! I probably would have been at first, amazed, then amused, and finally, annoyed (especially if they were blocking my way like the guy on the little truck-cart-y thing).

Maybe we should do something like this on Sunday at church? (Rachel and Katie, are you with me? I'll take the foyer. Rachel, you take the stand. Katie, you take a pew. We'll have to synchronize our watches Sunday morning.)


Indian lunch-box deliverymen - who deliver tiffin tins to workplaces around Mumbai each day - attend a laughter therapy session to beat stress in the Indian city.

And finally, when I saw this picture and read the caption, I thought: This is exactly what I need! (Though, I think the tiffin tin delivery guys need it more. But, still, I need a good laugh.) And as I went to google "laughter therapy" to find a location, I realized that I already get it every time I'm with you, my friends, or read your blogs. (And I'm laughing with you, of course.)

So, thank you all for keeping me sane. I hope I return the favor on occasion.

Have a great weekend!


Laura said...

I hate interviewing too! Where do some of these people come from, seriously? I have a funny story about one guy that interviewed here. He thought a little too highly of himself. There's dialogue and hand motions though, so it won't come across funny in writing! I feel your pain!

Rachel said...

I actually felt a little queasy when I was reading about that tattoo phone.

And if we ever decided to freeze in church let's do it while I'm playing the organ. That would be hilarious.