Thursday, February 7, 2008

Technical Update

So, if you look over to your right, (go ahead, look), you will notice I've added a new feature entittled "Recent Comments."

I've done this to help myself.

You see, the comments that you make (And thank you for making comments. It makes me feel validated. (I know, a little sad, huh?)) are supposed to be emailed to me.

But apparently, Blogger likes to tease me, and only email me every other comment which I find annoying (not the comments, but the notification accuracy).

So, that's why I've added the new section. At a glance, I can now see how ignored I am... just kidding!


Laura said...

So now I can make lots and lots of comments just to see my name over there on the right? Maybe I should make a goal to see all 5 of those slots filled by me!! Don't think I won't do it either...when you least expect it!

Laura said...

Oh...I guess it doesn't work that way. Do you actually have to post those, or is blogger supposed to know to automatically show the most recent comments? plan is ruined!