Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alaskan Highlight-My Cruise Ship Boyfriend

So, I’ve decided that whenever I think of a funny/interesting story/incident that happened on my cruise to Alaska, I would make a post about it.

To begin, for those of you who have not been on one, all the people who work on the ship wear name tags that also list their country of origin. I found this VERY interesting! I loved knowing where everyone was from. In fact, I had a knack (some might even call it a gift) for reading their tags at a glance.

My sisters were of no help on this. Really, they stunk at it unless the person stood still, was directly in front of them, and I told them to read the tag. So, normally, it was up to me to quickly read country names as they whisked away my cutlery. We even began to keep track.

(With the plethora of countries that were aboard, I must admit that I was a little disappointed that our cabin steward was from Mexico. Because, let’s face it, living in So. Cal., Mexico isn’t that foreign to me. I know and love lots of Mexicans.)

What I really wanted was a person from a country that I’ve never, and probably will never, visit. And that’s what I got when I met my cruise ship boyfriend.

It was across a crowd room, literally. We were having lunch at the onboard pizza place, and that’s when I spotted Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome.

His name was Darko. (Make sure you roll the ‘r’ when you say it and put a little ancient mystery in your voice). And he was from Macedonia. Yes, Macedonia.

Now, if you’re like me, you might have initially thought, “Aren’t the Macedonians extinct? Or was that the Babylonians?” It was the Babylonians, my friends. Macedonia is alive and well and putting out very attractive fellas.

You might also be thinking “Liz, did Darko know he was your cruise ship boyfriend?” Of course not. He was a married father, after all. (I overheard him taking one night in his fantastic accent about his family. And no, I didn’t stalk him around the ship.) But, I sure enjoyed seeing him!

I even tried to get a picture of him before we left. Well, actually, I tried to make Catherine take a picture of him. But, it didn’t work. It was hard to get him to stay still without asking him to stay still. It was also hard to do it nonchalantly. And we had second thoughts about what others might think of chubby girls taking pictures of the dinning room (which is what it looked like we were doing). Such thoughts as “Boy, they really just came for the food.”

So, sadly, I have no pictures to show you of my Greek dreamboat. But, I still have fond memories of Darko (‘r’ rolled), from Macedonia, my cruise ship boyfriend.


Laura said...

EVERYONE goes on cruises for the food! That's the whole point right?

I love that you have fantasy boyfriends too. I have one going right now where I actually meet Keifer Sutherland and he falls in love with me so I have my own private Jack Bauer (don't roll the 'r').

Where is Macedonia anyway?

Katie said...

I had a cruise ship boyfriend, too. His name was Felipe, from Brazil. I got a picture of him, but it didn't turn out that well. He actually came up to me and said, "would you like to take a picture with a cute Brazilian?" I answered, "Of Course!" and it was done. Very easy, very fun, we're practically engaged.

Amanda said...

Wow Katie, I actually think that is Braziliam for 'Will you marry me?' I hope you got his digits. Just hearing about cruise food makes me want to go. The food choices here in the flooded tundra are so limited. I am now salivating while I think about the buffet at Bellagio!!! Mmmmm...I love good food. Does anyone know how to get Paula Deen to move in with me and become my personal chef? Let's work on that one.