Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh Well...

So, as I was cleaning my room this past weekend, (really, just shuffling my junk), I came across my Passport.

Even though I only received it a little while ago for my cruise (we were going to Canada, which I personally don't think counts as a foreign enough foreign country to require a passport), I had forgotten how I looked in my picture.

In actuality, I believe I blocked it from my memory to spare myself constant embarrassment.

I don't know why, but I look like a 52 year-old Hispanic woman in it. Maybe it was the lighting? Can lighting make you look like a different nationality? And 20 years older?

It's really not the Hispanic part that bugs me. It's the old part. Do I really look that old in person? Do I?

Finding my passport caused me a mini breakdown due to the passage of time on my face.

Oh well, at least I have one (passport, not face, although I am glad I have that as well), and am now ready to go on an exciting world-wide adventure at a moments notice. And I better do it quick before I have to ride around in one of these which based on my picture is right around the corner.

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Mz. Liz said...

I am your travel partner in crime my friend! Let's do it! Want to come to Ireland? We're going to do Italy in 09. :)
And those chairs aren't half bad. We drive the ones in Target and Disneyland as frequently as possible.