Monday, August 20, 2007

Guest Post

Segullah magazine asked me if they could use my entry entittled "My Ordinary Life" as a guest post on their blog.

I, of course, said yes (after wishing I had been a little more eloquent when composing it).

You can find it here.

And although we've already talked about it, check it out, and maybe leave a comment if you want.


Amanda said...

Congrats Liz!! Being asked to be a guest blogger! That is something! It was great to chat today. Sorry I had to run off so suddenly. I heard you are taking this semester off and it seems so unfair that that is happening and I am not there to enjoy it. Have fun and hang with the girls tons!

Laura said...

You are so fancy...Guest blogger!! Just goes to show that other people find you fascinating and fabulous too!!

Emily M. said...

Thanks so much, Liz, for letting us post your response to "Honor in the Ordinary! I thought we had a great discussion. Thank you.