Friday, August 3, 2007

Left Out Liz

So, I’ll admit it. I succumbed to peer pressure and started a blog.

Well, maybe I wasn’t “pressured” per se, but I was definitely “influenced” and that’s practically the same thing.

Truthfully, I felt left out.

It serves me right for having such witty and interesting friends. It made me think, “Hey, Liz, since you have such funny friends, maybe that means you’re a little funny and should bless the world by blabbing about it in an open forum.”

So, it’s your fault friends. And as penance, you have to visit my blog AND make comments.


And don’t worry, I’ll reciprocate.


Rachel said...

I'm so happy! The world will be blessed by this. You're the smartest and funniest person I know. And that's really saying something. It looks great. And you were all worried that wouldn't be able to do it.

Heather said...

Liz--I know the feeling!

Liz said...

I bless the day you joined us in the Blogged Halls of Awesome where you belong. We should get some big gold rings with a large "B" (for blog) and have a Liz Power cheer of some kind. I think it would be grand.