Friday, August 3, 2007

What's in a name?

Just a quick matter of business.

As you all know, we have two Liz's (I, being one of them).

And this can get confusing when both of us comment on your blogs. Who's who? Who knows.

I, myself, have read one of the other Liz's comments and thought "Man, I'm so funny." Only to realize that it wasn't me which caused me a mini identity crisis.

So, to remedy this confusion, I thought I would just sign my full name. But this felt too professional and distant. And frankly, reminded me of how my grandpa signs all of his cards: Your Grandfather, Russ Wolfe.

My solution was to write my name all in capital letters: LIZ and let the other Liz write her name: Liz.

Hopefully, this will help with the problem and spare me from embarrassingly patting myself on the back for something I didn't write.

So remember, I'm LIZ (just think of me shouting my name with joy because I commented on your post), not Liz (which is grammatically correct).

Your Friend,

Liz Wolfe


So, I just posted on Amanda's blog. And it appears that blogger doesn't recognize the fact that I have my name in cap's.


I guess I'll just sign my posts "Liz W." to end any confusion.

Just call me grandpa...


Gina said...

I can truly appreciate the grandpa comment because I'm a witness to it. I've seen the "Russ Wolfe signature."

Today I'm going to visit my Aunt Betty from Utah. This is her name: Aunt Betty from Utah, because that's how she signs all her letter.

gina w.

Liz said...

I freaking love you.

Lizzie Liz