Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Big Boy Now...

Sometimes I read an article and immediately think "Hmm, I must have misunderstood that."

That's what I thought about this one, too.

Then I re-read it, and realized that, no, I had accurately absorbed it's message.

What is going on in Italy?

The last sentence is very telling... "Most Italian men still live at home late into their 30s, enjoying their 'mamma's' cooking, washing and ironing."

I'm just grateful I don't live in Italy now.


Amanda said...

Granted, living at home til you are 61, having a curfew and an allowance, is quite a bit on the far side of ridiculous, the men in So. Cal aren't so different. I'm afraid Liz, if you are looking for men in their 30's that have been enjoying the independent living for quite some time, you might not be living in the right place. Sorry! But in any case you are waiting for the exceptional man, so wherever you live, they aren't going to a dime a dozen.

LIZ said...

Yah, sadly, you're right. What is it with guys today? Sigh.